Brew Review: Mr. Ouroboros

28 Dec

Brew: Mr. Oroborolous

Brewed by: Half Acre Brewing Co. (Chicago, IL)

Style: Americo-German Pale Ale (6.0% ABV)


On that same trip to Chicago I stopped off at the Half Acre brewery to see what they had as their specialties. I was hoping for a couple certain ones but they ended up having this one. Described to me as a German-American pale ale. They used an American style pale ale recipe and a German Kolsch style yeast strain. The combination was one I hadn’t even thought of before and didn’t really know what to expect. Well I got a whole growler of it so I was hoping it was good.

It poured out of the growler clear golden color. It was a little red/orange as well. It was a good looking brew. Not much by way of head, but I think that was because it was it the growler a little long and wasn’t sealed the best so it lost a little carbonation.

The smell was very unique. There were floral hops and some sweet malts from the pale ale side of things. However, mixed in there was also some skunky/earthy tones from the kolsch yeast. So there was an American influence mashed up with a more European style which created a totally unique brew

The taste starts out bitter, the American influence shows up there with extra hops. The kolsch light yeasty flavors also show up a little. In the end it comes off as a weird combination.

I found myself wanting either one or the other of the styles. Either a sweet/floral American Pale ale or a light summery Kolsch style that is more for pounding at the volleyball court in the heat. I didn’t really appreciate the mixed styles, I think that Half Acre should retire this one and not bring it back.


Final Grade: C


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