Brew Review: Old Rasputin

28 Dec

Brew: Old Rasputin

Brewed by: North Coast Brewing Co. (Fort Bragg, CA)

Style: Russian Imperial Stout (9.0% ABV)


I have had the pleasure of having this beer in the past and decided that I liked it enough that I would search it out again and take some notes on it. I especially like the name, a very fitting name for a Russian Stout, and it makes one think of a greasy, slimeball of a guy. Some of the words to describe the beer might be the same as for the man.

Rasputin pours out a thick rich black brew. Looks like it would be something from a witches cauldron, deep, dark and mysterious. A great big tan head also came with the pour, something that makes a good stout even better when it has that big foamy head resting peacefully waiting for you to take a sip and then end up with an upper lip covered with it.

The smell is perfect. There is tons of chocolate and the roasty warming presence of grains. The bitter dry aroma of an old school stout is also present and lends a foil to the sweet chocolate grain presence also present. There is also some dark fruity smells in there, like raisins or licorice. A great smelling stout, something that you would want a big hearty beer to smell like without showing that its going to be too sweet.

The taste of the brew followed in the aromas footsteps. It was a thick chocolaty affair, with toffee and caramel tastes mixed in there as well. It was big, deep, and chewy. This was a beer that could fill you up with the loads of malt and high ABV. The dry stout taste also showed up in the end, with a hint of the booze to finish it off. For it being 9% however there was no real noticeable alcohol tastes throughout, which was amazing. There must have been a fair amount of hops added to this brew as well since there was a lingering bitterness to it as well.

A great dry stout. It seems like a lot of small breweries are making stouts that are sweet and sugary these days. I like that North Coast has taken a step back and reexamined the dry stout category since those can be turned into excellent beers as well.


Final Grade: A


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