Brew Review: 3 Floyds BrooDoo Harvest Ale

19 Jan

Brew: Broodoo Harvest Ale

Brewed by: 3 Floyds Brewing Co. (Munster IN)

Style: Fresh Hop/Harvest IPA

This was another import from the Chicagoland area, don’t remember if I picked it up while I was down there or if it was brought by one of the great residents from that area, either way I will thank them since I wouldn’t have it if it wasn’t for them. This is 3 Floyds take on a wet or fresh hop brew. Once again I will put it up against Surly Wet or Brau Brothers 100 Yard Dash. 3 Floyds comes in with a high reputation but I haven’t had much experience with them as they don’t ship to MN and really the only place to get it is in Chicago as they can’t really supply an area outside a such large metropolis.

Broodoo poured out a pale amber color. It was very clear not a super interesting looking beer, sort of expected for an IPA, especially one that’s main focus is the fresh hop, so not much by way of crazy yeasts or weird malts or specialty grains. There was a slightly decent head with big loose bubbles that rose up about half an inch to an inch above the brew itself.

The brew smells like candy on the first whiff with fresh fruity hops that add a floral and tropical/citrus burst of aroma. The fresh hops are wonderfully present in this beer. Not much by the way of malts in the smell, the fresh hops dominated which was great, I loved the aroma of the beer.

The taste was piney, bitter and hoppy right away. A resinous hop profile came at me and once again the fresh hops were all around. The flavor was crisp, however it didn’t last long. The hops cleared the flavors out of the way fairly quickly and there wasn’t a hanging around of any of the flavors to speak of. There weren’t many malts to speak of, somewhat like the aroma. However as it warmed up a bit the malts did show up on the back end of it, but only faintly and still made way for the resinous hops to shine through.

A great take on the fresh hop style beer, though it didn’t quite turn me on like Surly Wet, maybe I’m just a guy who will always take the locals side but overall I was impressed and will probably try to seek this out again next year to see if it does still hold its mettle.

Final Grade: B+


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