Brew Review: New Belgium Belgo

19 Jan

Brew: Belgo

Brewed by: New Belgium Brewing (Fort Collins CO)

Style: Belgian IPA (7.0% ABV)


This brew had a fair amount of hype when it came out, so figured I would give it a go. New Belgium always puts out quality brews, none that have really blown me away but they are a solid company that is always present at parties and quality enough to sip on during a relaxing night. I wanted to see how this stacked up against one of my favorite Belgian IPA’s, Harriet Island’s West Side IPA. So I grabbed one at the store and headed home for a trial run.

Belgo poured out a clear orange yellow, somewhat like straw. A nice pillow of white head sat atop this brew but it died down fairly quickly leaving me with an orange concoction that I couldn’t wait to try.

The smell burst out at me with Belgian aromas like the traditional clove and some banana, which would have been the yeast. The yeasts also added a funky aspect as well. There were also some hops mixed in there as well but not a ton, less than what I was expecting since this is an IPA, but the Belgian characteristics were definitely present.

The taste was sweet up front with a little bit of bitterness from the hops. Once again less bitterness than I was expecting/hoping for. After the initial taste the Belgian flavors came out to play. The bananas became more present along with a slightly earthy tone that I think was coming from the hops and the yeasts mixed together. The hops did add a bit of a grassy flavor that sort of floated underneath everything else.

I think I was expecting more flavor from this beer. More hops which would have then led to more floral and fruity aspects. Especially in Belgian style brew I was hoping for more fruits. The lack of bitterness was also somewhat disappointing. In no way was it a bad beer but I was hoping for more from it.


Final Grade: B


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