Brew Review: Magnum IPA

26 Jan

Brew: Single Hop Series: Magnum

Brewed by: Mikkeller (Kobenhavn Denmark)

Style: Single hop IPA (6.8% ABV)


Another entry in Mikkeller’s single hop series, which is a series that brews an IPA using only 1 type of hops for both the bittering and aromatic qualities of the brew. Usually Magnum hops are used for bittering, so I am not going to expect much by way of big juicy aroma’s and try to pull as much flavor out of this brew as possible.

The brew poured out a murky, dark amber color. There was also plenty of red in there as well. The most impressive and noticeable thing about this brew was the huge head that was produced upon the pour. It was massive, and stuck around for a long time. A big pillow-y or cloud-like eggshell white head that lasted for a while. Maybe it was a bit over carbonated, don’t know for sure.

The smell of the brew was sup-par to say the least. There were hops present but nothing really jumped out at me, it seemed a little skunky or mass-lager like. Don’t really know how to describe it but it just didn’t pack anything worth noting. There was some citrus but it mostly masked by the bready aromas.

The taste was also somewhat subtle. It was not super bitter, which was what I was expecting. It was a fairly light drinker, there must have not been a ton of malts to back this one up and fill the body up further. It was smooth, for sure, but in no way was this a lash out at you type of IPA.

I would say that this was a good exercise in the world of brewing. It show cased the specific type of hop intended. The only issue is that this hop isn’t supposed to be a spotlight type of ingredient, it needs to be the background vocals in its respective choir. It adds greatly when combined with other hops and ingredients but when its the focus of everyone’s attention it tends to lose its majesty and power.


Final Grade: C+


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