Brew Review: Punkin Ale

26 Jan

Brew: Punkin Ale

Brewed by: Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales (Milton, DE)

Style: Pumpkin Ale (7.0% ABV)

This is Dogfish Head’s take on a pumpkin ale, of which I am usually not a fan, which doesn’t give this beer a good head start in general. However, knowing Dogfish Head and how they like to push the envelope with creative styles and ingredients, this beer still peaked some interest in the fact that they could probably pull off something so weird with this style that it would become a favorite of mine. Granted, most of the ‘crazy’ styles I have had in the past are either usually right on the money or duds, its hard to find a middle ground in a beer that isn’t a traditional take on a style or conforms to a specific style on purpose. Its usually a hit or miss type of situation.

Punkin poured out a reddish murky amber color. I was expecting more of an orange hue to the brew since it is a pumpkin beer but it didn’t really show up that way. Not too disappointed but was kind of hoping for it. There really was no head to speak of at all. I didn’t pour this cautiously either, it was a normal pour and still didn’t get anything out of it.

The aroma was not as robust as I had hoped. There was a light pumpkin aroma with the necessary spices in there for this style. Also it was sugary sweet sort of like not-from-scratch pumpkin pie. Processed sugar. There was also a ‘funk’ in there as well. Sort of a lager skunk smell but not that discernible.

The taste was sort of like the smell, sort of bland with not much to get really excited about. There was once again some pumpkin tastes but it was sort of hollow tasting, which is sort of what I get from most pumpkin beer I try. I am hoping/expecting/wishing for a robust pumpkin flavor that rushes out at me since the beer is in fact a pumpkin ale in the end. But this one didn’t have it much like most of the others I have tried in this style in the past.

I guess if you enjoy this style of beer, this one could be a solid staple in your fall repertoire but for me this was just another notch on the old lame pumpkin beer list. I just don’t appreciate a pumpkin ale I guess like some others do.

Final Grade: C

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