Brew Review: Plead the 5th

9 May

Brew: Plead the 5th

Brewed by: Dark Horse (Marshall, MI)

Style: Imperial Stout (12.0% ABV)

Another imperial stout to add to the books, I went on sort of a bender of stouts for a while so you can expect that to be a trend here for a bit. The Plead the 5th is Dark Horse’s version of the Imperial Stout category, it was also highly touted by a friend so I was excited to try it and once again didn’t put a whole lot of age on this bottle so when I drank it, the flavor was pretty fresh.

The Plead the 5th poured out a thick solid impenetrable black that no light escaped from. The kind of look you wish and hope for when you pour an Imperial Stout out of the bottle. There was also a great looking dark tan almost brown head that rose out of the depths of this brew as well that was welcome and just added to the perfect looking brew that greeted my eyes upon the initial pour.

The 5th also smelled wonderful. Big roasted aromas greeted me along with sweet caramel and dark chocolates. Molasses, caramel and lots of cocoa rose up to the nostrils along with a slight alcohol whiff. You could tell that this was going to be a thick dark rich complex brew when you tasted it, but the smell alone was something to take in and savor.

The taste followed suit with the appearance and the aroma, wonderfully complex and full of depth and character. The brew was thick syrupy but at the same time creamy and had a very pleasant feel to it in the mouth. Not a lot of hops that I could detect, I did let this one sit for a few months (unsure exactly how long, I need to start keeping track of how long they age to really see how its developed) so the hops probably just melded into the overall onslaught of big roasty malts and grains. At the end of the sip there were rich roast coffee tastes mixed with chocolate and a little bit of booze. Made for a bit of a ‘warm’ finish but nothing to complain about because at 12% it would have been hard to mask all that alcohol.

A great beer with lots of layers and complex flavors and aromas. This is a beer that if you like stouts and big hearty beers to seek out and if you stumble upon one or two or more you should definitely snatch up.

Final grade: A

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