Brew Review: Arctic Panzer Wolf

16 May

Brew: Arctic Panzer Wolf

Brewed by: 3 Floyds Brewing (Munster, IN)

Style: Imperial IPA (9.0% ABV)


A brew from 3 Floyds which is a treat for those of us up in MN since Floyds does not distribute up here so I had to pick this bad boy up in Chicago on a journey down there. 3 Floyds has a decent reputation for some great brews especially its Dreadnaught IPA so sitting here with their Imperial IPA only gave me hope that they were going to come up with another home run in the IPA department.

The Panzer Wolf poured out a lot lighter than expected for an imperial IPA, usually there is lots of malts in these beasts that counteract the massive amount of hops present which lends a darker color to the brew. This one was a yellow straw-like color so not really a classic color for an average Imperial IPA. There was a loose white head that was somewhat unimpressive as well.

The aroma was fruity and floral hops all the way. There were apricots, apples and pears. Not a tropical sort of arrangement that you sometimes get in big IPA’s but a lighter fruit offering with pears and apples. Reminded me of Duvel and the apples and pears that I picked up when I tasted that brew.

The taste was Imperial for sure. Right away I could detect the booze that came with the brew. At 9.0% this isn’t a laugher and the Panzer Wolf definitely had some teeth that I encountered when I tangled with it. The bitterness was the most present of flavors in there. Pine and earthy hops dominated. It was however a very easy drinking Imperial IPA, somewhat light for the style.

An easy drinking beer that was uncharacteristic for the style but in the end there wasn’t really anything that blew me away with the beer. There wasn’t a big flavor one way or another and the hop profile was somewhat bland for being a big huge IPA. The Arctic Panzer Wolf may have a big bark but the bite is relatively tame in comparison.


Final Grade: B


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