Brew Review: Scotty Karate

17 May

Brew: Scotty Karate

Brewed by: Dark Horse Brewing Company (Marshall, MI)

Style: Scotch Ale/Wee Heavy (9.75% ABV)


I will preface this by saying that I have had this beer on tap (sadly didn’t take any notes) and really enjoyed it. That was the reason I picked it up when I saw it on the shelf at the liquor store. Wanted to see how it matched up with the tap version as compared to the bottles.

Scotty poured out a thick dark murky brown color. Somewhat like caramel but a bit darker and more runny. Almost looked like a beer that came straight from the tap at a place that they hadn’t cleaned the tap lines in about 4 years. We can sum it up to say that it didn’t all that appealing. There was just a small off-white head as well.

After the way the brew looked you would think that this bad boy didn’t have much going for it. Well all you have to do is move on to the 2nd part of trying a beer and that’s the way it smells. This beer had a ton of stuff going on in the way it smelled. It had sweet malts, roasty malts, dark fruits raisins and more things that were hard to pick out. I have heard that this beer tastes/smells like a chocolate chip cookie, I don’t know where they got that but with the abundance of aromas floating up at me I could see that they might find that in there. The alcohol is really undetectable in the aroma which is good. The malts dominate with their sticky sweetness.

The flavor follows suit with the aroma. It is a smooth beer that glides through your mouth filling it with those malt flavors and bringing out a peated malt that I didn’t really get in the aroma. The big malts with their sweet and roasty aspects are joined with the fruity side of things to create a very in-tune brew that touches on a lot of things but doesn’t dwell and really ends up being a great ride. The alcohol once again is really not noticeable which is great and the focus is on the big hearty flavors of the beer.

There are just so many things going on in this brew that its hard to pick out just one and say that’s the best part. Overall, its just a really good beer and one that I really enjoy for the style. It wasn’t as good as on tap, then again what really is, but it held its own in the bottle. I would have liked to see more peated/scotch like flavors and aromas but you can’t win them all and I was very happy with this beer as it stood.


Final Grade: A-

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