Brew Review: 3 Feet Deep

30 May

Brew: 3 Feet Deep

Brewed by: Furthermore Brewing (Spring Green, WI)

Style: Irish Dry Stout (5.5% ABV)


My first review of a Furthermore brew, I have seen these all the time in the store so I finally decided to pick on up and sample it at home to see if it had any staying power. Being from Wisconsin and the fact that they are professional alcoholics over there made me think that if anybody was going to brew a good beer it could probably be a brewery from that almost-state. I was also excited to see a brewery come out with an Irish Dry Stout as most breweries at trying to come up with imperial stouts or big huge robust beers to try and put themselves on the map and they were taking a step back and examining an older style and taking a ‘craft’ approach to it.

Three feet deep poured out a dark thick black. Like a dark chocolate drink or a nice cup of cocoa that you mom fixes you after a long day out on the lake skating. There was also a thin white (minty?) white cap of foam that couldn’t have been more appreciated that laced the glass nicely.

It smelled of rich coffee and roasted grains. A little smoky which was an unexpected but nice touch to the aroma. There was not much by way of hops or fruit but I figured those would come later on in the taste as this was a ‘dry’ stout. The aroma rounded off with a spicy chocolate smell that just touched my nose and left me wanting to dive right into this brew.

The roasted smoke came through in the taste of the brew which was a little surprising. I was expecting more chocolate and a somewhat hollow taste from this traditional Irish stout. The body was creamy and somewhat light. The hints of chocolate did come through a bit at the end along with some coffee tastes but the brew was somewhat light on taste. Not as full and rich as I wanted, maybe I have been spoiled by all the imperial stouts and big malty brews that I have been trying recently but this one fell short of what I was wanting.

It was definitely dry as the hop profile kept it smooth and somewhat crisp on the end. The lack of a bigger body and somewhat bland taste kept this brew from being a great one but it was a good one overall. I would say that this would be a good brew for a cool autumn evening outside with some friends.


Final Grade: B-


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