Brew Review: Mountain Standard

11 Jun

Brew: Mountain Standard

Brewed by: Odell Brewing Co (Fort Collins, CO)

Style: Double Black IPA (9.5% ABV)


A new brew from Odell. Their excursion into the world of the black IPA which was a definite trend in the craft world for a while. This, I believe, is the only Double BIPA that I have had, didn’t really know what to expect for the double portion of it since it would seem that the grain bill might minimize the hop addition that a IIPA would contribute. Only one way to find out.

Mountain Standard poured out a deep dark brown, not quite black, there was some red and amber notes lingering on the side of the glass. There was a light tan head. It was quite thick and rose about an inch off the top of the brew. Not quite a Black IPA but it was pretty close, I will give them that one.

As for the aroma, right off the bat there were plenty of piney hops that blasted out at me, really had me thinking that this was going to be more on the IPA side of the black IPA style. On the next couple of whiffs I got more of the grain profile and picked up on some chocolate as well as some roasty notes, I really liked this part of the aroma as it balanced out the hops that I got right away. After that initial grain aroma they faded away to the power of the hops and I was going to have to wait for them until I took my first sip.

Upon the first sip I had been waiting for I got a pleasant mix of robust roasty grains and a bitter tinge of hops. The bitterness lingers for a while on the back end of the first sip. The mix/balance lasts through the whole 12 ounces which is surprising I was expecting the hops to be in the drivers seat for this brew from the aroma and the fact that it is a double IPA. Its not as bitter or hoppy as a double should be but then again I keep tasting a mix of the hops and the grains which definitely cut into the bitterness.

The high ABV does not come through in any way, this could be a dangerous brew if you had a 6 pack of them. It is also creamy on the tongue which is very pleasant and adds a certain easy drinking sensation whilst sipping this brew. I was hoping for a bit more on the hops side, I think I have been ruined by Stone’s Sublimely Self-Righteous in terms of a hop profile for a Black IPA. Not a bad brew by any means but falls short of this hop-heads needs when it comes to hops.


Final Grade: B



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