Brew Review: Boffo Brown Ale

20 Sep

Brew: Boffo Brown

Brewed by: Dark Horse Brewing Co. (Marshall, MI)

Style: Brown Ale (6.5% ABV)


A brown ale with a weird name, I still don’t know what a Boffo is or who it is.  Dark Horse brewing has put out some pretty good beers though (see Plead the 5th and Crooked Tree) so I am hoping that their brown ale will come though and keep me coming back to the Boffo.

It poured out a dark murky brown.  A bit darker than what I was expecting, usually I see traces of red and light brown tones throughout an ale like this but this was pretty dense in terms of brown and letting light through.  There was a small off white head that was fairly loose with large bubbles that died down fairly quickly.

The smell was pretty much par for a brown ale’s aroma.  It had the strong malt bill up front with some solid roasted parts that was somewhat nutty and brought forth some coffee.  Not much by way of hops that I could pick out.  Mostly a malt forward brown, most likely this is a beer in the English style and not so much American due to the absence of hops on the senses.   

The taste was a bit disappointing.  For how dark this beer looked and how sweet/big tasting this beer smelled I was expecting something along those lines when I tasted it but was surprised that it was much lighter drinking than I expected from the first two pieces of it.  It held some sweet sugar and some roasted characteristics but it was at the same time a bit watery. 

I think the brewers added a bit much on the specialty grains side and had too much chocolate malt that darkened the color and added some nice roast-y characteristics but then failed to hold up anything on the back end.  This brew posed as a thick chewy dark beer but in the end it was a fairly commonplace English style brown ale.  Not overwhelming in terms of likes or dislikes but nothing to get really excited about.


Final Grade: B-


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