Brew Review: Sinebrychoff Porter

20 Sep

Brew: Porter

Brewed by:  Sinebrychoff (Kerava, Finland)

Style: Porter (7.2% ABV)

A gift or recommendation from a friend who said that this porter was one of his favorites without a doubt.  I didn’t really know what to think since I had never heard of this brew or brewery let alone drank a brew from Finland before (that I can remember anyway).  Needless to say I was going in hoping for the best but really not knowing anything past that, a good way to approach any beer.

The brew poured out a delicious dark thick solid brown.  It was almost black and swirled in a manner similar to Guiness in the glass but without that much convolution.  The oily nature of this brew looked more like a stout than a porter but then again this is Finland and they probably need motor oil to keep them going, so I shouldn’t be surprised. 

The aroma was filled with roasted and chocolate smells.  The malts were roasted and lent a slight bitter tint to the brew as well.  Dark chocolate bitter not hop bitter but still welcome by me.  This was a deep and dark brew, I knew at this point I was in for a treat.

The taste was very good.  The roast and chocolate came right back to me from the aroma.  This also struck me as a sweet or tangy porter as well.  It had a big body but there was a definite hop note that cleared the palate and left you wanting more and more.  A drier porter than normal that held chocolate tones on the end as well as a roasty bitterness and a faint coffee note after the chocolate faded.  A complex brew that really showcases what a really good grain bill can do for a beer.  This has a lot happening and going for it. 

I wish that this was a local brew as I have seen it in the stores for around $4 a bottle which is just a tad more than I would want to spend on a regular beer.  I might have to stick with Black Butte Porter as my go-to but when I am in need some deliciously thick, creamy, silky and overall just great porter this will be my guilty pleasure.

Final Grade: A


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