Brew Review: Burton Baton

24 Sep

Brew: Burton Baton

Brewed by: Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales (Milton, DE)

Style: Imperial IPA (10.0% ABV)


Dogfish Head, again.  This is one of their year round releases although it didn’t start that way.  it has been enjoyed by so many that they moved it to year round status so we could all get a chance to experience this one.  With the experiences of the 60, 90 and 120 minute IPA’s under my belt I figured I was up for the 10.0% that was the Burton Baton IPA.  I believe that this brew combines an old ale and an imperial IPA and then ages them on oak for a mellow yet robust IPA.  A very intriguing beer to say the least.

Burton Baton poured out a light amber color with oranges and reds dancing around which made for a deliciously good looking beer.  A nice frothy off-white head rose up from this pleasant brew and stuck around on the glass for the entire session.  A really good looking beer.

The aroma jumped out at me with hops and oak right away.  The hops were the most dominant as this has plenty with the IPA and old ale both contributing plenty. Strong and syrupy smelling I could tell that there was a lot lurking within this beer. The oak did mellow things out a bit and gave a further depth to the beer but the hops were dominant.  A slight backbone of malt did shine through at times but balanced is not a word I would use to describe.

The taste was bitter to begin with.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t too intense on the bitterness.  I was expecting there to be not much balance but the sweet malts definitely held up in the face of all those bitter oils from the hops.  The age in the oak definitely mellowed this brew out to a more manageable beer that was remarkably smooth. 

With an old ale and imperial IPA threaded together I was figuring that this brew was going to be a not-so-easy-drinker, but I was definitely proven wrong.  For the style and the ABV this was astonishingly smooth and the alcohol was barely noticeable.  Dogfish really got this brew right in my book. I would take this any day over the 120 or 90 minute IPA since those are just assaults on the senses and balance isn’t really a factor in those.  This is the opposite and in a very good way.


Final Grade B+


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