Brew Review: Rainmaker

24 Sep

Brew: Rainmaker

Brewed by: Steel Toe Brewing (St. Louis Park, MN)

Style: Double Red Ale (6.5% ABV)


Steel Toe is a newer brewery that opened up in St. Louis Park, MN about a year ago.  I have been out there a couple times for growlers and they have bottles in a few liquor stores in the Twin Cities area.  Overall, I have only heard positive things about this brewery and their head brewer, Jason.  I have gotten a chance to have a few conversations with him and really enjoy talking with him, very down to earth and friendly.   Rainmaker was the first one I filled my growler with from the brewery.  Skipped out on the IPA, dark ale and light offering, those were for a later date.  I really enjoy hopped up red ales so I was hoping another local brewery could give me a local favorite.

Rainmaker poured out a deep amber.  Tons of deep red notes.  Also very clear, no real haze or sediment floating about.  A nice light tan head rises up about an inch from the top of the brew as well. 

Smells exactly like what I was hoping for.  Hops and hops backed by a solid grain bill that lent plenty depth and sugar to the brew.  Not much by the way of roast but solid ‘red’ ale malts that gave the brew more complexity than an all pale malt bill.

The taste was like the aroma.  Great bitterness up front but well balanced by the malts.  The hops were bright and clean.  Not syrupy at all and not cloying in the mouth.  Hop flavors included some pine along with citrus and the obvious bitterness. 

Nothing really amazing or mind blowing about this beer but I love the balance between the northwest hops and the malts in this double red.  The mix of sweet malt and bitter hop are perfect which leaves this brew refreshing as well as tasty. 


Final Grade: B+


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