Brew Review: Rochefort 6

25 Sep

Brew: Rochefort 6

Brewed by: Brasserie de Rochefort (Rochefort, Belgium)

Style: Belgian Strong Ale (7.5% ABV)


Some advice was given to me to expand some of the beers that I drink/review into the European sphere with more focus on Belgians since their innovation has really shaped the way the American brewers are brewing these days.  That sounds delightful and if I had a bank account that looked like Warren Buffet’s that wouldn’t be a problem but as it stands now I have to pick and choose my battles with these imports that can be pretty pricey.  I went for the classic Rochfort 6, 8 and 10 to start with, which was enough since each of these bottles are priced between 5-6 bucks depending on where you shop.  Started with the 6 and will work my way up to the 10. 

The 6 poured out a deep rich amber.  It was a dark amber with plenty of brown and deep red mixed in there.   More brown than anything.  Slightly hazy with some yeast sediment floating around.  A light bubbly head, off-white in color, rose up.  Not a huge head but it was kind of cold when I poured this beer.  Not a great looking brew, sort of muddy but par for the Belgian strong course.

The aroma is great; bread, yeast and sweet malts.  Those are mixed in with fruity dark tones like plumbs and raisins.  It is deep and there is a lot swirling about in my nose.  Almost too much to qualify.

The taste brought more bread and more sticky sweet malts.  The dark fruity overtones continue as well with those dark fruits driving the sweet tang even more.  As the brew warms there is a faint roast and hint of chocolate that rise up from the depths. There is a lot of carbonation, almost a bit too much.  The bubbles cleansed some of the deep tastes from my mouth before I could grab onto them.  There is a semi-dry finish to the brew which was surprising for how dark and deep this brew could be but I think the carbonation helped with that.  There was also a slight booze indication in the finish, more like a warming effect.

This brew was really good, not great but I think that complexity and range will only increase as I go up to the 8 and finally the 10.  The chocolate was a pleasant surprise but the carbonation sort of turned me off a little bit.  I’ll keep a few of these on hand in the future, it would be fun to see how it ages as well.


Final Grade: B+


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