Brew Review: Hop^2

26 Sep

Brew: Hop2

Brewed by: Millstream Brewing Co. (Amana, IA)

Style: Double IPA (7.8% ABV)


I believe this might be my first beer from Iowa, our pretty bland and uninspiring neighbors to the south.  Needless to say I haven’t heard a ton of hype from the beer scene in Iowa so I wasn’t expecting much from this brew, although it would be cool to find some sort of diamond in the rough from down there.  I do like the name of the beer being hop squared or Hop2

The Hop2 poured out a deep orange color.  Lots of reds and copper colors flowed into my glass.  A solid looking brew with orange, red and yellow all mixing like leaves during football season.  A nice inch of head appeared on the brew which was also very pleasant.

The aroma of this beer was fairly dull, doesn’t surprise me coming from IA, with some faint floral hops mixed with some malt backing them.  The malts seem to dominate but the nose isn’t really giving any clues one way or the other.  Maybe a touch of honey in there as well.

The taste was very bitter up front.  The hop aspect is obviously present but the bitterness runs wild.  The malts show up in a fashion and try to combat this bitterness but don’t really balance it out in the end.  It is hard to put a finger on this brew if it is a hop-forward double IPA like Abrasive or malt forward like Double Bubble.  It did have a solid sense in the mouth with a medium body and a creamy feel. 

I think if the brewers decided which way they wanted to go with the beer, either highlighting the malts or the hops in this double IPA.  With one aspect to focus on they would have been able to push forward the good aspects of either of the ingredients which would overall simplify and create a better brew.


Final Grade: C+


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