Brew Review: Blasphemy

27 Sep

Brew: Blasphemy

Brewed by: Weyerbacher Brewing Co. (Easton, PA)

Style: Quadruple (11.8% ABV)  


Weyerbacher out of PA distributes to MN which is great although I for some reason haven’t really jumped on any of their releases.  I have tried one or two here and there like the Double Simcoe IPA but nothing else has really stood out to me.  I am hoping that this 750 mL along with another one I picked up will bring me on the bandwagon of trying some more of Weyerbachers brews.   Quads are usually a style that, while not impossible, a little harder to approach than other since they are so rich and complex, but here goes.

Blasphemy poured out a dark copper color.  Burnt orange, red and brown all thrown together, looks like a brooding storm of flavor.  There is a lot of visible carbonation that rises to the top and forms a nice half inch head of off-white or very light tan head with some flecks of sediment in it. like a faintly speckled egg.

The aroma is big and bold.  Tons of fruits like apples and pears and some raisins and other darker varieties.  The malts show up as well showcasing some caramel and a very small note of chocolate.  The Belgian-style yeast strain they used produced some very nice aromas with plenty of depth.

The taste was big right off the bat.  Plenty of the flavors you would expect from a big quad.  Starting with booze, a mild warming effect in my mouth and down into the gut.  Along with booze was more caramel, dark fruit and some earthy hop taste as well.  The booze was present more than anything but it wasn’t off-putting by any means, like I mentioned it was more of a warming effect but it was still present, possibly shutting out other flavors trying to get through in this beer.  It was not as thick or heavy drinking as I would have thought by looking at it.  It was more of a medium body which was a nice change that allowed me to drink more of the 750 than I was expecting (although I was sharing it with a couple friends). 

Overall, a very smooth and enjoyable beer.  The booze was present and could have been less so but it wasn’t negative to the brew all together.  The body of the brew was also a plus, not heavy and lighter than expected.  I could have used more of a roasted taste in the brew along with some more bitterness either from hops or more of a chocolate bitterness.  Not a ton but just enough to cut through some of the sweetness that this beer showcased.


Final Grade: B+

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