Brew review: Eurotrash Pilz

27 Sep

Brew: Eurotrash Pilz

Brewed by: Southern Tier Brewing Co. (Lakewood, NY)

Style: Pilsner (5.2% ABV)


The Southern Tier Brewing Co. based in NY has become a decent player in the craft beer world over the last few years.  Their Pumking is a celebrated seasonal release among other great brews.  The Eurotrash Pilz is another seasonal release that I figured I would try since I haven’t been very receptive to lagers and pilsners since they tend to taste like Bud or Natural light to my unrefined self.  So I was hoping that Eurotrash would lead me by the hand out of the shadows of macro produced light beers.

The Eurotrash poured out a very clear yellow color.  If this beer was to distinguish itself from a macro lager it was going to have to do it in another way other than the look.  Looked exactly like the piss-beer that comes out of a natty or keystone light can.  Not really much of a head which was also fairly disappointing.  Hoping this brew smells and tastes better than it looks.

The aroma is faint.  Although I do pick up on some noble hops, my guess would be saaz hops but since it is so faint I couldn’t be sure.  A bready toast smell also wafts up giving me more of an impression of mass production and beer bongs.  A tint of skunk shows up like a lager but not much, thankfully.

The taste is very much like a true lager or pilsner up front with some bread and very small hints of hops.  The hops are evident which is nice and leads this brew towards dry end of things.  Once again not a ton of flavor showing up here, similar to the aroma.

A very smooth and crisp pils.  Stylistically it was right on but nothing really shown itself as being unique or really good.  Sorry to say but big beer has tainted my brain into thinking that this is just a step up from their macro produced crap and therefore leads me to think that this beer tastes too much like them so that I am unable to enjoy it all on its own.

Final Grade: B-



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