Brew Review: Cherry Bean Coffee Stout

4 Oct

Brew:  Cherry Bean Coffee Stout

Brewed by: Brau Brothers Brewing Co. LLC (Lucan, MN)

Style: Coffee Stout (7.5% ABV)

Cherry Bean Coffee Stout is actually not brewed with any cherries, contrary to popular belief.  Cherry Bean Coffee is the name of the place the coffee is from.  For example this could be “Starbucks Coffee Stout” and it would just be a stout with coffee from Starbucks. One of the funny things I stumbled upon when drinking this beer was on the internet there were tons of reviews where people were thinking they were tasting cherry flavors in this beer.  In no way were any cherries added or anything resembling cherries even.  Something like this just adds skepticism to all these enthusiasts and ‘experts’ on the internet.  For the most part they just read a label and spit out some stuff that they think could or should be in a beer like this without taking the time to research or dig deeper into the beer that they are actually drinking.  Sort of sad, kinda funny, but more of a lesson to the rest of us not to be lazy and to really try to capture our own experiences from our own perspectives in the future.  The internet is great but it leads to a bunch of stupid stuff, ideas and people.

Anyway, the stout poured out a dark deep brown, not quite black.  A bit lighter than I thought it would be, there were some reds seeping through the sides which mixed in with the deep browns and blacks. There was a really good looking dark brown head, sort of like chocolate mousse, that rose about a quarter to a half inch above the beer.

Upon the first pour I could really smell the coffee coming out of this beer.  The coffee and roast were overpowering.   Not much sweetness to detect at all with all the roast and coffee really dominating.  Reminds me of stepping into a coffee shop or the isle in the grocery store where you can grind your own beans.  This is going to be a very roasty brew.

The taste was all coffee and coffee bitterness to begin with.  With the coffee and roast there was some faint dark chocolate that popped up that lent a somewhat sweet or lactose taste on the tongue.  For the most part this is coffee, bitterness from the coffee or chocolate flavors, roasted grains and not much else.  This was not a super creamy brew, my guess is the guys down in Lucan are straight black drinkers and don’t like to add much else to their morning cup of Joe.  It isn’t very heavy drinking either, sort of light like a cup of black coffee.  This is a dry stout in that I can pick up a hint of hops on the back of my tongue in the end of the sip.

If I were the Brau’s I would have added some oats or something to round out the body of this brew.  It would have made it a bit more creamy and fuller in the mouth.  With the oats, I would have increased the hops by a bit to keep it a dry stout.  So there are a couple things that I might have done to make this more of a brew I would like, something like Founders Breakfast Stout is where I would want to end up with a huge coffee stout like this.  The Brau’s are close but they might have been driving at something different.

Final Grade: B+


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