Brew Review: Tiny

9 Oct

Brew: Tiny

Brewed by: Weyerbacher Brewing Co. (Easton, PA)

 Style: Belgian Style Imperial Stout (11.8% ABV)

A Belgian style imperial stout.  That’s a lot right there in the name.  What can you take out of that?  This is going to be a big boozy stout, hence the imperialism.  However with a Belgian style ale mixed with a stout what are we expecting here?  Russian stouts are big and roasty.  Belgian beers could be grouped into a ‘fruity’ family with their lambics and wide variety of tastes that come out of the “Disneyland of Beer.”   So is this going to be a boozy, fruity laden syrup with burnt roast jumping out of the woodwork?  I really have no idea, it seems to be a daunting beer to brew, one that will probably not conform to any style when it’s all said and done.

Tiny pours out pitch black into my glass.  Pretty much all dark, no light coming in through the sides or anything.   There is a small dark tan head that rises up but doesn’t last long, like a poorly planned rebellion or mutiny. 

The brews aroma is a task.  There is a lot going on here.  Immediately I can sense a ton of big heavy malts.  There is also a lot of dark fruit in the nose.  Plumbs, raisins, apples, mixed in with some toffee and a faint coffee and chocolate bit deep down.  Almost too much going on to pick out certain things.  Deep fruits amongst some more traditional stout aromas are the main things.  I think the Belgian yeast provided some of the lighter fruit aspects while the stout quality added its roast and darker themes.

The name Tiny for this brew is ironic.  The taste that rushes at you the second you tip this glass forward is huge.  Not small or tiny by any means.  The brew is thick and rich like a solid stout should be.  The fruity, toffee and big malt flavors all show up again from the aroma.  There is more of a pronounced note of chocolate than before and the roast has faded into the background.  This is super smooth.  Thick and chewy with a hint of hot booze on the end.  After all its hard to cover up all almost 12%.

Weyerbacher definitely did well with this task of a Belgian style Imperial Stout.  They hit some roast, chocolate and toffee but also added fruits from plumbs and raisins to apples.  The Belgian yeast added a layer of complexity to an already thick and chewy imperial stout that really set the brew off.  The added bonus to this brew is that it is brewed year round and has a price tag of about 7-8 bucks for a 750mL bottle.  Which, means you can enjoy this all the time and the price tag isn’t something that will give you cause to pause when you look at it.  Think of it as a really good bottle of wine for 8 bucks and you’ve already saved yourself like 15 bucks.  On top of that its beer = win/win.

Final grade: A


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