Brew Review: Double Trouble

15 Oct

Brew: Double Trouble

Brewed by: Founders Brewing Co. (Grand Rapids, MI)

Style: Imperial IPA (9.4% ABV)


Founders Brewing Co., out of MI, is one of the most consistent and top quality craft brewers out there.  They have great year-round releases, excellent seasonals and a rabid following for their one-off releases.  The double trouble is their seasonal double IPA that comes out in late spring or early summer.  Described as an IPA that focuses on the aromatics of the hop and tries to get the most of that aspect of the flower.   

Double Trouble pours out a light golden straw color.  Much lighter than I was expecting since this is a double IPA and clocks in at 9.4%.  Looks more like a pale ale or even a tad darker version of pilsener or lager.  The lighter colored beer is covered by a 1/8th inch white head.  Not the clearest beer but it just might be a chill haze that has shown up on the glass.

The aroma is awesome.   Ton of juicy hops burst out at you.  Pine, fruit, grapefruits and other tropical smells come out at me.  There is a faint hint of malt backbone in there but the hops and all their wonderful smells steal the show in the smell.   An amazing smell if you like hops.

The taste somewhat follows suit to the aroma.  There is a big hop presence right off the bat with bitterness on the sides of your mouth with juicy notes from the hops flowing over your tongue.  Immediately I notice that this brew has no detectable booze whatsoever.   The immense hop presence is balanced by malts but in a way that it just complements and doesn’t try to take over any of the glory that the hops have put forth. 

The immense amount of hops makes this brew maybe a bit hard to approach but if you handle an amazing hop aroma and big juicy hop flavors then this beer has everything you could ever want.  I would compare it to Abrasive except for one thing.  All the hop oils end up making the brew a little sticky or syrupy which made each sip consecutive sip a bit harder to swallow.  Nevertheless this brew is awesome and deserves nothing less than stellar reviews and lots of bottles sucked dry. 


Final Grade: B+


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