Brew Review: Baltas (White)

2 Nov

Brew: Baltas (White)

Brewed by: UAB Švyturys (Lithuania)

Style: Unfiltered Wheat Ale (5.0% ABV)


Don’t ask me how to say this breweries name I will just call them Svyturys from now on.  Hadn’t ever heard of them until I saw this brew in the liquor store.  It was summer and I thought a good wheat beer would quench my thirst in the heat.  The Europeans seem to have the whole wheat beer and summer beer thing down pretty well so I gave it a chance.  Also, I don’t think I’ve had a beer from Lithuania before either so that’s another notch on my belt.  Don’t really know what to expect, let’s jump in!

The Baltas poured out a hazy golden straw color.  Very hazy, almost murky, with plenty of carbonation rising to the top where a big puffy head of white foam builds up.   Plenty of loose bubbles complete the look of a really solid hefe-beer. 

The aroma is a bit light or watery.  The classic bananas and cloves contribute to the hefe-style.  There are some faint noble hops present just adding a tint to the overall experience.  There is a bit of nutty wheat in there as well adding to a faint bready-ness.   Smells like a good hefe although it will be a definite summer beer with the lightness of all the aromas.

The first sip is very bubbly, reminds me of your first sip of champagne on New Year’s.  It fills your mouth and makes it hard to really taste everything.  It is a bit tart right away, I don’t really know what from, but it is a faint taste that fades away after a minute. The beer is very thin in the mouth, its not thick and all the carbonation keeps it light and lively on the tongue.  There are still some hefe traits but this is fairly watery.  The bananas and cloves are present and the bread aspects and some light malts turn up at the end. 

Overall, this is a very light drinking beer.  It would be great to come home to after working hard in the summer sun all day long.  It’s refreshing and light and has some decent aromas and flavors that keeps it from becoming some macro-adjunct lager beer.   I would have liked a bit more on the taste side of things and maybe a tad less carbonation to really make this beer ‘pop’ but I think it did pretty well for itself.


Final Grade: B

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