Joseph Wolf Berliner Weiss

8 Aug

wolf weissBrew: Joseph Wolf Berliner Weiss
Brewed by: Joseph Wolf Company (Stillwater, MN)
Style: Berliner Weiss/Sour Wheat Ale (4.3% ABV)

I realize that it has been a very, very long time since I have added anything to this blog but I have been drinking some pretty good stuff recently so I figured I would put up a couple of new reviews. This brew comes from Stillwater MN, a relatively new brewery like within the last couple months. The Berliner Weiss beer has been gaining popularity over the last 6 months and many craft breweries are hustling to capitalize on peoples need for a bit of sour refreshment in their lives (on a side note, get a hold of Schell’s Star of the North Berliner Weiss if you can, it is most definitely a winner). For some more info on what a Berliner Weiss bier should be check here.
Now that I we have gotten past the formalities on to the beer. The beer poured out a bright lively yellow color. There was a fair amount of carbonation on the first pour from the 750mL bottle which ended up settling down into a nice little cap of white head on this effervescent beer. Another side note, this style of beer used to be called the ‘Champagne of the North’ and was favored by Napoleons troops because of the high carbonation and very refreshing character.
The aroma coming out of this beer was a little like lemons. There was some lactic acid that you could tell was present in the beer from the strains of yeast used. Otherwise it was crisp and slightly citrusy. Not a huge amount of fragrance coming from this beer but it was very enjoyable and probably correct for the style from what I got.
The taste was very pleasant. It was bubbly in my mouth, like champagne, and went down very smooth. At 4.3% it would be hard for this to burn in any way with alcohol and this was more like sparkling juice thank anything in that respect. The main aspect of a Berliner Weiss is the tart, sour or lactic flavors that are not like a gueuze or other beer that is known for its very active sour profile. The Berliner Weiss is better known to be refreshing with a background of sour. This beer was almost there in that respect. It came off as more sweet than sour and the sour notes were there but not in the force that I was wanting for.
For the most part this beer was good, I would argue that for 10 or 11 bucks (I can’t remember how much I paid for it) there are better options out there. The amount of sour associated with the beer should have been higher and the sweet would have then balanced out. Otherwise the appearance, aroma and most of the flavor was really solid. I will probably search out the other offering from Joseph Wolf I believe a Belgian golden ale.

Final Grade: B+

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