Brew Review: Outta Kilter

9 Aug

outa kilterBrew: Outta Kilter
Brewed by: Hoppin’ Frog Brewery (Akron, OH)
Style: Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy (8.2% ABV)

Not my first beer from Hoppin’ Frog but my first review here of one of their beers. They are best known for their B.O.R.I.S. imperial stout, which I have had, but decided I wanted to see what else they had to offer when I picked this up on a little trip over to WI. The label has this listed as a ‘wee heavy scotch style red ale’ which is a lot to throw into a style so I think I am going to just stick with the scotch ale or wee heavy since that will probably encompass most of what’s happening in this brew.
The Outta Kilter poured out a thick murky copper color, very dark copper. A very dark red that gave way to a big loose head that was a reddish white color. I liked the appearance but I wish it would have been a little clearer. The murk that came with it wasn’t really part of either a red ale or a scotch ale.
The aroma of the brew was what I would expect out of a big hoppy red ale or an imperial red ale. Lots of nice hop smell backed up with a solid malt bill supporting them. There was some nice warming booze in the aroma well but mostly dominated by the malt.
The taste was full of sweet sugary malts with hints of peat smoke as well. The booze is present but not bad in any way. The scotch style shone through in this part of the beer and it was very tasty.
I think this beer sort of straddled the line between a scotch ale and an imperial red. There were distinct elements to both fused into this one beer. In the end I really liked the outcome. I have a soft spot for hoppy red ales and I have been one to try a scotch ale whenever I can so this beer sort of took care of 2 beers with one drink so to speak. The balanced aspects of the scotch ale and red ales really made a quite enjoyable beer. It’s a bit heavier so I wouldn’t recommend for a summer sipping but with fall and football season right around the corner here this would be a great bottle to brush off and really get into.

Final Grade: B+

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