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New MN/WI Beer

9 Aug


Another article from the Growler ( about new breweries opening up in the greater Twin Cities area. Easy and fun way to catch up on big news.

MN Beer

8 Aug

A good article on some beer news in Nordeast.

New MN Brew

7 Dec


Check out this nice little article about a few new breweries that are opening up right here in the Twin Cities area hopefully within the next few months.  More beer is never a bad thing.  Two of these are also within walking distance of my house so if you want to get out and try some new stuff I will be right there. 

Beer in the Media: MN State of the Brewery

4 Oct

 Take a look at this article from the Star Tribune summarizing all the new and yet-to-come breweries in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.

Looks like were in for a few cold ones.  

Dogfish Head

17 Aug

Found a pretty sweet article from a couple years ago in the New Yorker about the founder of dogfish head brewing.  a little long but still a good one, if you have time definitely worth something to check out.


7 Apr

The proposed Surly Destination Brewery

With a lot of support via social media a Senate panel unanimously passed the ‘Surly Bill’ last night. The bill will allow Minnesota breweries to sell their beer on-site, a practice that was previously prohibited. This is not the final step, but it was a huge one. Man, if this happens it’s gonna be SAWEEET!

Keep ’em comin’, Minneapolis!

28 Mar

A nice little Monday morning pick-me-up

Also, check out Fulton’s website at

Too Much Motion In The Ocean?

28 Mar

A well-written and thought-provoking article. On beer. Of course.

A Beer A Day…

1 Mar

Beer is good, mmmkay

Minnesota!!! Beer!!! Byah!!!

15 Feb


Minnesota. Winter. Beer. That’s all you need to know.