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Brew Review: Lyndale Brown

14 Jun

Brew: Lyndale Brown

Brewed by: Rush River Brewing (River Falls, WI)

Style: American Brown Ale (7.0% ABV)


Another Rush River experience, this time I got to try their brown ale. I have been reasonably pleased with Rush River in the past. Their Amber Ale, the Unforgiven, is one of the more solid amber’s’ I have tried in the last couple years. Their Double Bubble IPA, however, not good really so they have hit both ends of the spectrum. I was hoping for something more along the lines of the amber ale and I was confident that this brewery would be able to hit on a more classic style like a brown ale over their misfortune with their attempt at a more recent popular and maybe a bit more difficult style to hit on like a double IPA.

The Lyndale Brown poured out a reddish brown color, a little murky but overall pretty much nailed what a brown ale should look like. There was also a light loose off-white head that bubbled up but didn’t last very long.

The aroma was perfect. Sweet malts mixed with a hint of floral hops. There was caramel and toffee that blended perfectly with what I am guessing was some dry hop additions to the fermentation as they were hints of flowery hop cones. Overall a great aroma with a perfect dry hop addition.

The taste was something I was really looking forward to after that aroma that I thought was spot on. The sweet malts start out the first sip and I noticed that this was a fuller heavier brew than I was expecting. I think the dry hop addition fooled me into thinking that this was going to be a lighter brown but thats the beauty of a dry hop addition is that it only lightens the aroma and doesn’t really do much or the flavor as the hop oils are only around in a way that their aromatic qualities are preserved. The thick full bodied brown brought be back to the brown ale state of mind and let me appreciate the next things that happened with the creamy aspects shining through as well as the slight bitterness that stuck around at the end that cleansed the palate in a very pleasing way and didn’t leave any sticky-ness in the mouth.

Rush River has done it again in my book. They have really capitalized on a traditional brew and done a wonderful job. Couldn’t have really asked for more especially in the aroma aspect.


Final Grade: A-



Brew Review: Big Sky Moose Drool

2 Mar

Brew: Moose Drool

Brewed By: Big Sky (Missoula, MT)

Style: American Brown Ale (5.3% ABV)

At the risk of setting myself up for more than one “that’s what she said,” the big, brown, nuttiness of Big Sky’s Moose Drool satisfies and keeps you coming back for more. The Montana brewery’s staple brown ale leaves nothing to chance and puts all its cards on the table with robust result.

My buddy, Colin, who used to go to school out at Montana State in Missoula (GO GRIZZ!) turned me on to Moose Drool and I’m sure happy he did. It doesn’t beg for attention or try too hard. There’s no fancy catchphrase or lengthy explanation of the beer on the bottle. The brew speaks for itself.

It’s a boldly malted concoction, evened out with a pinch each of Kent Goldings, Liberty, and Willamette hops, giving it some subtle, yet necessary, spice. Imagine a thicker, stronger, more well-rounded Newcastle with the added grit and elbow grease that the Wild West entails.

Moose Drool is not a “WOW!” beer. It’s not the first thing that pops to mind when my friends ask what my favorite brew is, yet, that lack of show and pizzazz – a expertly executed simplicity – is precisely what makes it tasty. It doesn’t creep into A- or A territory – due to a slight alcohol aftertaste that this style of beer shouldn’t really have (see: imperial stouts, bocks, etc.) – but hey, few do.

Good with a burger(s) or by itself, Moose Drool is as solid as they come.

Final Grade: B+