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Brew Review: Karma

6 Nov

Brew: Karma

Brewed by: Avery Brewing Co. (Boulder, CO)

Style: Belgian Pale Ale (5.4% ABV)


A seasonal or limited release during April, I could figure out which one to pick, but I will go with seasonal, from Avery.  Avery has been a pretty solid brewery in all my experiences with them so I figured Karma would once again come out on top.  Belgian pale ale is a growing trend amongst craft brewers.  I think they want something that is approachable like a pale ale but with a little twist to keep the die-hards coming back for more.  Either way I still think my favorite for the style is Harriet Brewing’s West Side IPA, which I obviously still need to do a post on.  Sounds like a good excuse to go find a growler here soon.

Karma poured out a light copper with hints of darker reds mixed in.  Looked like a light caramel color. There is decent carbonation that leads to a solid ½ inch head.  The head lasts a while making this a nice beer to sip and wipe foam from your Movember-stache, if you are growing one. 

The aroma is basic pale ale, some biscuit from the malt with some faint hops.  Not really much to write home about here.  I was wanting/hoping/expecting some more Belgian style funk from the yeast in the aroma.  The aroma reminded me more of an amber ale with more grit and grain than a pale ale let alone a Belgian pale.

The taste brings more malt and biscuit up front.  There is some very light bitterness that rears its head on the very end of the sip but that’s about all I get from the hops.  It also shows a bit of that Belgian funk that I was hoping for.  Not much, just a little, but enough for me to notice.  Not enough however for me to really get excited about it. 

Wow, really didn’t get much from this brew.  Nothing stood out, there wasn’t much by way of Belgian inspiration and the hops didn’t make a dent and the malts were just biscuit through and through.  That tends to a get a bit boring.  The brew was unimpressive in all aspects, not hard to drink it was light on the tongue, but nothing was really great or even good about it.  I would pass on this brew if you’re thinking about it since there are so many other better options out there for pale ales and some Belgian style pale ales as well.


Final Grade: C

Brew Review: Collaboration not Litigation Ale

13 Dec

Brew: Collaboration not Litigation Ale

Brewed by: Russian River (Santa Rosa CA) & Avery Brewing Co. (Boulder CO)

Style: Belgian Strong Dark Ale (8.91% ABV)


This is a collaborative effort on the part of these two breweries, you could have probably guessed that from the name, but I just wanted to make sure we were all on the same page. How it played out is that each brewery has a brew called Salvation which they then combined and out came this brew. Russian River doesn’t make its way up here to the Great White North so I was pretty excited to try something that they had put their mark on. They being the makers of both Pliney the Younger and Elder, two of the most highly rated beers on the planet.

The beer poured out a semi-clear deep caramel color. It was a bit hazy/opaque, some light got through but you could tell there was a lot of stuff deep in this brew. There wasn’t much by way of head, it was sort of loose big bubbles of light mocha colored foam that disappeared fairly quickly.

The aroma on this beer was complex, there was a lot going on. The sweet malts carried their way up first followed by some Belgian yeasty funk that brought out the bananas and cloves that people always associate with Belgian brews. I also smelled some fruitiness, but not heavy dark fruits but more light, kind of like a white wine. Apples, pears that sort of thing. All together there was a lot going on.

The taste was a Belgian affair, the yeast showed up in a more pronounced role, not something I was expecting from a beer with that I would have thought would be dominated by the sweet sticky malts. The sweet malts show up right away with brown sugary tastes and caramel. The yeast then comes through with tons of Belgian flavors that are all over the place. There is also a slight boozy taste, this beast is almost 9% after all. As the beer warms it becomes more enjoyable, the flavors mellow out a little bit and the sweetness takes away that faint alcohol burn. The beer isn’t too heavy of a drinker either, it was more medium and less than what I was expecting from a Strong Dark Ale.

Overall, not super impressed, it was a good tasting brew but nothing really jumped out as unique or outstanding in any way.


Final Grade: B