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Brew Review: Satin Solstice

15 Oct

Brew: Satin Solstice

Brewed by: Central Waters Brewing Company (Amherst, WI)

Style: Imperial Stout (7.5% ABV)

The only other review I have done for Central Waters from Wisconsin has been the bourbon barrel aged stout which makes me wonder if they just took the Satin Solstice and aged it in barrels to come up with that beer.  Legit question that I really have no way to answer.  Could write them a postcard or something I suppose but I’d rather just have another beer.   With the excellent result of the bourbon barrel stout I was hoping that this brew would be top notch as well.  Central Waters has only impressed so far.

Satin Solstice poured out black as night with a hint of ruby red coming through the sides.  A little thin looking for an imperial stout but nonetheless it was a good looking brew.  There was a cap of off-white head that rested lightly on the top of the beer, nothing really impressive about the foam.  Nothing really impressive about the look so far in general, doesn’t look thick or syrupy in any way.

The aroma of the brew was sort of basic.  It had a lot of roast and burnt grains in there followed by a hint of alcohol.  For not being a very high ABV beer I was surprised that I could pick out any booze in the smell.  The malts mixed with some chocolate as well as I got further in there with my nose.  No mention of hops in my notes which makes me think that this bottle might have been a bit older and I have no way of knowing since I don’t know when it was bottled and I opened it in April sometime.  Could have a few months of age could have a few weeks.  Either way no fresh smelling aromas coming off it.

The taste lent a different perspective on the age of the brew. It started off with a lot of roast and coffee but I also picked up some hops at this point.  Not much to say about the hops other than they lent their bittering oils to this brew and gave it a slightly dry and bitter taste.  This wasn’t a very thick imperial stout which I was sort of hoping for, I like full bodied stouts but the medium body was decent.  It also left me wanting more which is never a bad thing.

Overall I would say that this is a benchmark that other companies could judge their imperial stouts.  There was nothing wrong with this beer however it didn’t really excite me in any way.  All the aspects of the style were there with lots of roast and an aspect of hops.  If you can pick it up, definitely worth it especially since its available in 6-packs and the price isn’t terrible but for those of you looking for more of an adventurous stout this might have to be a fall back.

Final Grade: B