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Brew Review: Forgotten Flem

29 Jul

Brew: Forgotten Flem Farmhouse Ale

Brewed By: Brau Brothers Brewing Co. (Lucan, MN)

Style: Farmhouse/Saison Ale (5.3% ABV)


The spring seasonal of the Brau Brother’s down there in Lucan. Within the last 6 months or so I have seen them roll out a couple new and different brews than the original year rounders and I have tried only a couple, with this being one. I am excited to try these as I have thought the year-round brews are really solid beers and I am hoping that they can take their game to the next level with these select new ones.

The Flem poured out a darker amber color, sort of copper-like. A little darker than I expected for the style. It has a great aroma, great Belgian yeasts in there that mix with some earthy, grassy hops to give this a clean farmhouse feel.

On tasting this one the yeasts jumped out more at me. There were some definite peppery notes and some sour Belgian yeasts in there. There is a lot going on, slighty hop nuances, pepper, sour, some fruits, mostly because of the particular yeast strains and probably a little to do with the choice of hops. There is a little sweetness from the malts but its a faint trace that fades into the background. At the end there is the bitter/sour notes that linger.

Overall, this isn’t a beer that will jump out at you with any big or bold flavors or aromas but if you get deeper into it there some great complexity. It has a cool, calm farmhouse aura to it with a little sour mixed in there. A somewhat different sampling of a saison but nonetheless a quality beer.


Final Grade: B+