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Brew Review: Pumking

23 Jan

Brew: Pumking

Brewed by: Southern Tier Brewing Co. (Lakewood NY)

Style: Pumpkin Ale (8.6% ABV)

Now I am not usually a fan of pumpkin beers, but I am not against trying things that I have not enjoyed all that much in the past just to see if I was in a bad mood that day or something. Thankfully I did try this brew as it turned out much better than any other pumpkin beer that I have had to date. Glad I worked up the courage to pick it off the shelf and go for it.

The Pumking poured out a clear reddish-orange color. Golden orange maybe? There was a loose, big bubbles, head that was quick to dissipate leaving just a white cap to the brew. A good looking brew, kind of looked like the color of a pumpkin, maybe a bit more red/ruby.

The smell was full of spices. Nutmeg, cinnamon, pumpkin flavorings. I think they used pureed pumpkin in the making of this brew so that doesn’t surprise me. This aroma is more like what I would expect/want from a pumpkin ale. Smells like pumpkin and spices. I did think the smell was strangely sweet and somewhat unbalanced however. I think it was more like smelling a pumpkin pie, which I do like but was not expecting and therefor didn’t know how to react to it. Overall, I liked the aroma quite a lot.

The taste was sweet and sugary, like a pie topped with whipped cream. It was lighter than I was thinking it was going to be as well, I figured since this was a pumpkin ale it was going to have some body to it but it was fairly light and airy on the tongue. The sweetness was pleasant after I got used to it and there wasn’t any funky soured/skunked lager taste that I have gotten in other pumpkin ales. There was just a good full rich pumpkin taste which was great.

This beer was unlike other pumpkin ales I have tried, it actually captured the essence of the pumpkin in it which I guess is a lot harder to do for some other breweries. Southern Tier did a darn good job at it.

Final Grade: A-