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Brew Review: Moon Man

26 Jul

Brew: Moon Man

Brewed by: New Glarus (New Glarus, WI)

Style: “No coast Pale Ale” (5.0% ABV)


On a trip across the boarder I finally decided to give New Glarus a try. I have had friends from Madison tell me that this brewery knows whats going on and they are doing it right. I picked up a 6 pack sampler of their beers and brought them back to the better side of the St. Croix. Thankfully WI does sell beer, real beer that is, in their grocery stores and gas stations so all I had to do was pull off the road and there was great stuff waiting for me.

The Moon Man poured out a bright golden yellow, kind of reminded me of all the straw that I saw laying around in WI, just waiting to get munched on by some cows. There was a decent sized head with big foamy bubbles on the top of the glass that settled down after a minute or two.

The aroma of this beer was unique, it didn’t come off as super hoppy but there wasn’t really any sweet maltiness to back up the hops. I think thats where they get the ‘no coast’ ale part, its neither a big hoppy bomb from the west coast and doesn’t really abide by the traditional rules of a pale ale.

The taste was refreshing. There was a good blend of hops and malts to go along with a crisp easy finish. For the most part there were grassy earthy hops that I could taste.

Overall this is a really good decent beer. It would be a great summer brew as its light enough to enjoy when its hot but still has enough flavor and complexity to satisfy. Its unique in that it doesn’t conform to an either hoppy or malty ale. It sort of dances the line and probably depending on the brewers feelings the day of brewing you could get a different sense each time you tried it. This one goes down smooth, its a super easy beer to drink. If I lived in WI this would be the beer I choose when I had a free evening on the lake or around the fire with some friends.


Overall Grade: B