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Brew Review: Black Chocolate Stout

8 May

Brew: Black Chocolate Stout

Brewed by: Brooklyn Brewery (Brooklyn, NY)

Style: Imperial Stout (10.0% ABV)

Brooklyn’s take on the imperial stout comes out in their seasonal Black Chocolate Stout. I found a 12 oz bottle at the store and knew that it had been a part of some awards and was highly thought of so I knew I had to give it a shot.

The Black Chocolate stout poured out a thick black with no light escaping. Typical for the style and exactly what I was looking for. There was a small tan head with loose bubbles that was a little disappointing as I wanted something a little more.

The smell was exactly what it should have been. Chocolate, chocolate and more afterwords. There were definite roasty characteristics mixed with deep dark fruits and some faint hop resins. The main aroma was the chocolate as there must have been some big roasty malts that carried that through.

The taste was great. Chocolate once again shone through as the main ingredient as the thick and chewy brew washed through my mouth. The roasted flavors continued and the malty-ness carried some fruit and complex tastes as well. The booze was slightly evident on the end but then again its hard to hide 10% especially since I didn’t age this one very long at all. I should have gotten a couple bottles to try later on to see how it develops.

Overall this was a fresh imperial stout so it was still figuring some things out for itself. I believe that with some age on it this will become a great brew that highlights chocolate but it still rich, deep and complex. I have to be a little more patient next time.

Final Grade: B+