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Brew Review: Ruination IPA

28 Jul

Brew: Ruination IPA

Brewed by: Stone Brewing Co. (Escondido, CA)

Style: American Double IPA (7.7% ABV)

“A liquid poem to the glory of the hop.” That’s basically it. I don’t really need to say much more, this could be my shortest blog ever. However, I do want to dote on this great beer. Stone has given me great beers in the few that I have tried. Self-Righteous was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed the Bastard every time I have had it. Ruination steps up to the plate an delivers another home run from this power packed line up that Stone has going for it.

It poured out a clear golden color, a little hazy from the fact that its not filtered, not complaining though. A decent head came out with it, left some pretty good lace down to the end.

The smell: Boom, hops. Glory of the hops indeed. There are tons of hops in the aroma, pine, grapefruit, bitterness, everything. This is an amazing smelling brew. You barely have to drink this one to appreciate it.

The taste is bitter to say the least, there are 100+ IBU’s in this bad boy. However, there are some malts present in there to balance it out. To say the least the hops are the main attraction and they do not disappoint. They are balanced a little bit and just enough by the malts to make this a sensational beer. This is a huge hop bomb.

For those who like hops, you have your soul mate. This one blows your taste buds. Like it says it will ruin your taste for other beers. Basically you have to either drink this one at the end of the night or only have it for the whole night as you can barely taste anything else after words. The bitterness dominates but for those who love hop bombs, like me, this isn’t off-putting at all. At a somewhat surprisingly low 7.7% for how strong it tastes this beer is amazing. Go find yourself a bottle now.

Overall Grade: A