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Brew Review: Trois Pistoles

7 Jul

Brew: Trois Pistoles

Brewed by: Unibroue (Chambly, Quebec Canada)

Style: Belgian strong/dark ale (9.0% ABV)


Its been a while since the last review came up so I apologize for that, figured I would come back in style and with a bang. Trois Pistoles, actually has nothing to do with guns. Its some sort of church reference up there in the great white north of Canada. But once again Unibroue has come up with a beer that I will come back to a few times. This one has actually been recommended to me by a few others, so I figured it was about time that I got a hold of one and took ‘er down.

This one poured out a luscious dark brown. One that looked like you would have to chew your way through. There was a little red/purple around the edges, so not totally black but a deep rich color. Definitely a ‘dark ale.’ It had a sweet smell, you could easily tell the caramel was a big player. There were a couple of hops in the aroma, just enough to keep it interesting.

This brew has a big taste. It was also a mouthful, it was thick. It felt about as thick as it looked. There were spicy creamy malts that brought up the sweetness of the flavor. There was so much going on its hard to just pick out a few things to really settle on to define the brew. It was tangy, sweet, thick, very chewy, there were lots of fruity flavors. Overall the Belgian part shone through with the complex blending of yeasts, malts and hops.

I had let this one sit in my basement for a while, which probably means any other time I try this the taste will come out a little different which makes me want to try it again and again. This is a beer that is probably better in the winter/fall months as its pretty heavy and the dark fruits and high ABV will make you feel warm and cozy.

A great beer, one I would definitely recommend for any beer drinker/lover.


Final Grade: A-