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Brew Review: Cane and Ebel

25 Mar

Brew: Cane and Ebel

Brewery: Two Brothers Brewing Co. (Warrenville, IL)

Style: Red Rye Ale (7.0% ABV)

Cane and Ebel sparked my interest the moment I saw it on the shelf at the store.  Right below the name it says it’s a “Hopped-Up Red Rye Ale.”  We all know I like red ales and brews with some hop punch to them.  Let’s just say that this one did not disappoint.

It came out of the bottle a dark red, rich ruby color.  I took the first sip and I knew that this was what I was looking for in my search for a tremendous red ale.  This hit the spot.  It had the perfect amount of hops, balanced flawlessly with the malt presence of a classic red ale.  The Two Brothers that came up with this should be given two awards, one for each of them.  They created a brew that could please any beer drinker.  They brewed this baby with rye and Thai palm sugar, giving it a malty personality underneath its sweet, yet bitter, hop exterior.

When they say that it is a “hopped-up” ale they weren’t kidding. This brew packs a blast from the hops. However, the hoppy character is not overpowering in any way.  It blends with the sweet, malty backbone thrown in there by the rye and creates a beer that seems to touch on all the right notes.

Cane and Ebel is one of my favorites. I could enjoy this by itself, with a solid dinner, with company, or by myself.  It seems like it has everything to offer, it just needs to be tried two times or so in order to truly understand what the drinker likes the best and then another two times to decide that there is something else that might make another couple worthwhile.  One of my favorite brews of all time, this beer never fails to disappoint.

Final Grade: A